“What’s Good Is GOLDEN”


What a week….. So apparently I’ve turned 35. Yup. 35. I won’t lie. I get a lot of “…wow, you don’t look it at all!” and “….wha? You have 3 KIDS!?!?!?” Before my birthday this year it was always funny … Continue reading

“St. Lucia (Beach + Sun + Romance + Fun)”


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In November of last year (wow…. I just typed LAST year as if it was a long time ago) I took the lovely queen on our annual fall vacation. This time there were no children accompanying us on our vacation, no … Continue reading

“IMAGINE: Puerto Vallarta”


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In December, I was flattered to have been invited to my new department’s annual conference. For those of you who don’t know, my 9-5 is with the travel industry. When I started with my new department, I didn’t expect to have been included in the department’s plan to … Continue reading

“Margaritas, Gators and Pet Monkeys… (Miami/Fort Lauderdale, USA)”

2012-09-28 14.31.10

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IT’S TIME FOR A TRAVEL BLOG!!!! By this time tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be sitting on a beach in St. Lucia. I….. CAN….. NOT….. WAIT!!! But first, I forgot to talk about the last place I travelled to, so here goes! … Continue reading